The SSBM Experience

Its 8:00 in the morning. Even the sun is struggling to fully come up. But a day in the life of an SSBM student has already begun. While the famous saying goes – “Early to bed, early to rise”, an SSBM-er’s work day goes on as late as up to 11 in the night! With a careful blend of academics and extra-curricular activities, each day promises to throw new challenges and test the student’s knowledge at each step of the way.

Surprise tests, presentations and projects make the day all the more thrilling and at the same time enrich us with a unique learning curve. If this wasn’t enough, there are various committees in college which conduct many exciting inter-collegiate competitions. Active participation in these events enhances our experience base and team-work skills furthermore. To sum it up, a normal day at SSBM prepares oneself to handle a day in the life of a successful manager.