Corporate Interface

The business environment today is a dynamic, highly volatile and combustible mix of constantly changing elements which change without warning in split seconds. It is even more so in the Banking and Financial Services Sector. A slight change in the socio-economic environment can tilt the scales. The employees have to be alert and on their toes all the time to cope with the pressures and challenges faced by the corporate bodies. Only classroom teaching can not suffice in understanding corporate environment and delivering in the corporate domain.

SSBM provides and supports an environment that is conducive to self study and learning out of the classroom. The SSBM corporate interface team (CIT) strives to achieve a connect between the expectations of the prospective employers and those of the students.

Networking, interacting with corporate honchos, ensuring development of a symbiotic relationship between them and the students are some of the key areas which SSBM works on. These initiatives help the students not only to learn from experiences of the people who have been there, done that, but also helps them prepare mentally for the future ahead and hones the skills required for them to attain their dreams.

CIT has undertaken many endeavors to ensure the growth and development of the students which includes introduction of Knowledge Assimilation Groups, guest lectures, the CIT blog, and with many more such initiatives in the pipeline it is all set to grow bigger and better.

Knowledge Assimilation Groups

Knowledge Assimilation Groups (KAG) are self study groups that  provide members with a forum to discuss, share and assimilate knowledge about the Banking and Finance industry with the overarching goal of encouraging and directing potential talent to specific verticals of Banking and Finance.


Study Circles

The Study Circles are forums to guide students for certifications and professional examinations like GARP (FRM), CFA and NISM etc.  The students are mentored by industry experts and certified professionals in the respective fields of specialisations. It is also a forum to share knowledge and help students to evaluate examination preparedness level at different stages. In the process, the study forums become a catalyst for the students to equip themselves with additional tools to compete in the corporate world.

Knowledge Network

Adding another feather to the cap of SSBM, the Corporate Interface Team (CIT) launched their “SSBM Knowledge Network” a blog on 3rd September 2011 in the presence of Mr. M.N. Gopinath, Director of Bank of India and the Chairperson of the Advisory board of SSBM.


SSBM e-Bulletin

The SSBM e-Bulletin is an initiative by a group of students of the batch 2010 – 12, under the guidance of a professor. It is a weekly research-based online journal written primarily for the students of Symbiosis School of Banking Management, with the aim of spreading the awareness of current global and domestic financial affairs.


SSBM Bankers Guest Lecture Series

SSBM in its endeavor to familiarize the future bankers (students) with the nuances of banking has initiated a series of guest lectures with the captains of BFSI industry. These will not only help the students in getting an in depth understanding of the banking sector but will also enable them to keep abreast with the changing banking paradigms.


Video Conferencing with Nobel Laureate Mohammad Yunus

In today’s era, the need of the hour is businesses which focus on solutions of societal problems and not mere financial success. Sustainable and inclusive growth of all strata of society is imperative for the growth of any nation. The concept of social business, which is selfless business for social welfare and not profit maximization, is on the ascendant and rightly so.