International Initiatives

As a part of SIU’s international initiatives, 2 students of SSBM, Kavya Rajashekar and Gaurav Nahata have been selected to attend the Berlin International Summer School at Berlin School of Economics and Law. The 4 weeks business programme, The European Union in a Global World (EUGW) incorporates interdisciplinary study on Business, Economics, Environmental and Social Sciences.

Every year around 80 students from over 25 countries join the spirit of studying together in an international atmosphere and this year students of SSBM will be joining the league.

Continuing with the initiatives, 2 more students, Kirtika Kapoor and Avinash Madhavan have been selected for the summer school programme at Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Bremen, Germany. The course will expose the students to the international community of teaching in general and International business in particular.

Gaurav Nahata

Kavya Rajashekar

Kirtika Kapoor

Avinash Madhavan