Guest Lecturer: M.N. Gopinath

We all are inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery guided each by a private chart of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities. And one such opportunity had come our way at SSBM. Mr. M.N. GOPINATH, director of Bank of India, Chairman of ICICI Prudential MF and Chairperson, Advisory Board SSBM visited the campus to enlighten the students about  the career opportunities that exist in the banking sector . After the felicitation by SSBM Director Dr. Bhama Venkataramani , Mr MN Gopinath gave valuable insights into various aspects of Banking & Finance. He also answered plethora of queries related to Equity Research, Retail Banking, Corporate Finance, Credit Management etc. and guided the students regarding the nature of banks, type of specialisations and the type of profiles that one should aspire of. While sharing his experiences he made the students cognizant of what was expected of them from the banking industry and prospects of MBA in Banking around the globe.

He in his kind presence also inaugurated SSBM Blog and Knowledge Assimilation Group and also appreciated the initiative taken by CIT Team. He also felicitated the students who had made an  effort to walk an extra mile by clearing FRM, NISM and NCFM certifications.

On the whole the session was very enriching for the students and also provided them a platform where they could broaden their knowledge base so as to be prepared totake on the challenges of the corporate sector.