Guest Lecturer: Ms. Ratna Ganapati

We at SSBM believe that, to excel, the practical knowledge of the field that you set out to conquer is extremely important. Keeping in tune with that philosophy, Ms. Ratna Ganapati was invited to address the students so that they could progress further on their quest for in-depth understanding of the nitty-gritties of the banking world.

Ms. Ganapati, Head & Senior Branch Manager, Specialized branch for Micro Finance at Bank of Maharashtra enlightened the students about Self-help groups. Today microfinance has taken on new dimensions and has gained much importance in the rural sector. Self-help groups, being a cornerstone for financial inclusion, are admirable initiatives which help the members of the group become self-reliant and become more aware of financial management and its need and importance. Hence, as budding bankers, students should know about the technicalities of starting a self-help group, the procedural formalities required and what can be done to sustain the effort. Ms. Ganapati threw some light on all these aspects with an extremely informative and interactive session.

She not only told the students about what self-help groups are but also brought a lot of literature for them to pursue and understand. She made the students cognizant of the extremely successful self-help group initiative of Bank of Maharashtra and taught them about the formalities that are required and the aid that can be extended to its members. She laid special emphasis on women empowerment in self-help groups as the being the home-maker, women can play a significant role in controlling finances of the family.

The students gained a deeper insight into the subject and were extremely satisfied with the lecture which broached upon the practicalities of the Self-help group initiative.