Summer School at Bremen University of Applied Sciences

We had a wonderful opportunity to participate in the one month (1st June, 2011- 30th June 2011) International summer school, offered by the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Bremen. This programme is a part of the Bremen-Pune Solidarity initiative with 20 students participating this year from various Symbiosis Institutes. The schedule of the program was well planned before our arrival with quality time being given to studies and leisure. We were assisted by 4 tutors from the University, who showed us around the city, helped us with tour of the university and travelled along with us.

The industry visits included Ospig Textile Logistik Co, where we were given a lecture on Benchmarking in Logistics and had a tour of the manufacturing plant to understand the operations of the plant. On our visit to Berlin, we had a discussion on `The Crisis of the European Monetary Union`, a very relevant topic to banking students, at the Institute of Management Berlin, Berlin School of Economics and Law. We had a chance to listen to the lectures alongside students of the University and interact with them over lunch which was a truly unique experience.

A trip to Wolfsburg city, where the Volkswagon Autostad is located, took us on a journey to the future. Latest developments in field of sustainability and environment were showcased where statistics was taught in a visual form. Visit to Beck´s Brewery, Hamburg Airport and Potsdam in Berlin were also arranged by the University and our tutors helped make all the arrangements. We visited to the Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant in Bremen where world-class cars are conceptualised, designed, manufactured and road tested. The plant deploys high-tech robots which along with human skills craft cars to perfection. It was an experience of a lifetime.

A dinner meeting with Mr. Hilliges Director of the City Solidarity Forum and his colleagues was a pleasant exchange of information about the cultural and lifestyle in the two countries. Mr Hilliges also took a lecture on Urbanization and the role of Municipalities in the process of Urbanization.A few other topics that were discussed were International marketing with examples from the auto sector and beer industry/ market. A view on the Railway regulations; Airport regulations and concepts of Fair trade. We also visited the Bremehaven ‘Klimahaus’ which is a station for weather monitoring and data processing.

Listening to the lectures from German experts and having a global perspective of latest developments and challenges to the economy were exciting for us as students. Overall it was a memorable experience - understanding the world view and travelling through Europe.

Kirtika Kapoor
Avinash Madhavan

(SSBM Batch 2010-12)