Utkarsha - Planning for Childrens' Education, 19th August, 2011

Good education has always been the passport to a secure future. Today, career opportunities have grown manifold, and there are many professional courses that anyone can aspire for.  Unfortunately like the opportunities, even education cost has increased manifold. Children education and allied expenses are high priority life goals that can neither be postponed nor substituted.

It was in this regard that the financial planning cell of SSBM, UTKARSHA organised its third session on “Children Education Planning and other allied topics” on 19th august, 2011 at SIFIL-ELTIS.

Mr. Rahul Khandekar, (Director, Sapient Wealth Advisors & Brokers Pvt. Ltd.) conducted the session.

The faculty and staff members of symbiosis family attended the session. Importance was laid on starting early and investing regularly to match up with the increasing cost of education. Also, the interaction with the audience brought forward the point that alternatives to conservative saving products should be replaced by calculated risk investment opportunities in one’s portfolio.

On the whole the session proved to have helped the audience figure out the right way to meet the children education and other such expenses.