Utkarsha - Retirement Planning,12 August, 2011

Embarking on its objective of providing financial counselling, UTKARSHA, the financial planning cell of SSBM, organised the second interaction of a series of such sessions with the support of Sapient Wealth Advisors & brokers Pvt ltd. on 12th August, 2011 at ELTIS-SIFIL, Pune. The session was an attempt to help the faculty and staff members of Symbiosis family to plan for their retirement.

Mr. Janak Shah and Mr. Amit Bivalker (Directors, Sapient Wealth & Brokers Pvt. Ltd.) conducted the session and helped the audience to become aware and plan for their retirement in an organised and systematic manner so as to ensure that they are comfortable post retirement. Through live examples and calculators they enabled the audience to understand the nitty gritties of retirement financials. They deliberated that the idea of accumulating hundreds of thousands of rupees in a retirement nest certainly seems intimidating, but with a few basic calculations and commitment to a feasible plan, it's not difficult to achieve.

The session ended with an interaction with the audience. Overall it was an eye opener for most present and had a positive impact on the way people thought and planned for their retirement thus making the event a success.